Tom Savage Banned from ALL MGC Events

Updated: Apr 8

Maple Gel Con has become aware of the ongoing situation regarding Tom Savage, also known as Everage Studios. We have included a link to a larger post below, detailing Tom’s alleged actions. These posts contain personal reports of grooming, exploitation and predatory behaviour towards minors.

While Tom has never attended Maple Gel Con in the past, we as Guild Leaders are committed to making Maple Gel Con the safest possible experience for our attendees. As such, effective immediately, Tom Savage is banned from Maple Gel Con and any other community events that Maple Gel Con hosts.

We also stand in solidarity with Tom’s alleged victims and hope that other conventions, big and small, take the necessary steps to keep their events and their attendees safe.

Our team is made up of a mix of cosplayers and photographers, and have found ourselves disgusted by everything we have read and heard. Cosplay photography is supposed to be fun, creative, but above all else, safe and consensual. These allegations go against everything Maple Gel Con stands for.

We will also not hesitate to ban other individuals found practicing this type of behaviour. It has never been accepted, nor will ever be, at Maple Gel Con.

The posts* detailing Tom's alleged actions: **Edit to Add**

We'd like to thank Astoria_Cosplay for gathering the information of Tom's alleged actions and putting together the slides that are featured on Natsukis Cosplays post.

**EDIT 2** These are links to Astoria cosplay's original posts:

Colour Variant for readability:

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