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Hallway Cosplay Contest Submissions

Crystal Seraph as Reid

Costume hand made by Crystal Seraph
Photographer: Becky Erdman

Luke and Asch the Degus

Miniature Key of Lorelai by Clinkorz
Photographer: Kelsey Kopecky
Photo from Luke and Asch's 7th birthday!

Hazel as Teepo

Photographer: theguineapig3

Jade Nyathis

Outfit by M.R. Leach
Photographer: Cherrim

This costume from was in better shape when Jude received it from Leach but he likes wearing it so much he has broken it several times over the years.

Tenebrae in Tenebrae Bandana

Photographer: Ally Katz

Kex as Jude (as eaten by Teepo)

Teepo Kigurumi by Will
Photographer: Kex
"Naughty Doctors are put in the Teepo Belly to atone for their crimes."

Victor Kresnik

Photographer: Malcolm Leach

Hans as Rollo

Catnip Rollo collar by Katzer's Creations
Photographer: KatzerDist
"Are you hungry not-so-fat cat?"

MONA as a Sybak Research Institute Graduate

From obedience school to studying the Kharlan War, Mona rocks a graduation cap like nobody's business!

Malcolm Leach as Ludger Will Kresnik

Apron and Wig Styling by Mary Leach
Photographer: Mary Leach

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