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Con-line Panels

We're hosting our panels on Twitch this year! Below you'll find the schedule with descriptions of each panel you can watch.  We encourage you to participate in the chat, but please keep in mind the Panelists may not get to your question right away.

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Panel Descriptions


7:00 PM - Opening Ceremony

Welcome to Maple Gel Con-Line 2! This is our second year online, and many of us have experienced an online convention at this point, but for those who haven't we will talk about what to expect, how the weekend will work, and where to find everything!

8:00 PM - Tales of the Abyss Fomicry Hour.

What are fonons exactly? And how does fomicry work? Come watch Nikki explain (to the best of her ability) replicas, the contamination effect, and what exactly went down in Keterberg when Jade and Dist were still sweet innocent boys.

9:00 PM - Gartic Phone

A fun game, guaranteed to be full of laughs! The whole guild is invited to join the MGC staff playing the online game Gartic Phone.

11:00 PM - Stream Close

We sign off and say goodnight!


9:55 AM - Stream Open

A brief hello before the first panel!

10:00 AM - I Was a Cosplay Mean Girl

Being in a niche community like Tales Of means that fans are passionate and it’s easy to get swept up in the world of cosplay “drama” unintentionally. But when does it cross the line from “drama” to toxic behavior? How do you spot the red flags or heal after you’ve missed them? How can we change our community to be safer and more encouraging? Trickssi shares her journey from being a bully to becoming an advocate against bullying, harassment, and more through the Cosplayer Survivor Support Network (CSSN).

11:00 AM - Virtual Artist Alley Showcase

Showing a bit of love to our Virtual Artist Alley Artists by showing off their works!

12:00 PM - Cosplay Photography with COSPLR

Come talk with official Maple Gel Photographers (And maybe some friends!) about the ins and outs of cosplay photography.

1:00 PM - Who's On This Dingy With Me?

Discussing rare-pairs and crackshipping in the realm of the Tales series. No judgement, this is a ship positive space. Mature themes will be discussed.

2:00 PM - Tales of Quiplash 2 - ROUND TWO

What? We're doing more rounds, MORE SHENANIGANS!

3:00 PM - Tales of Pathfinder

Bring your best rolls to this virtual game of Pathfinder, featuring Tales, laughs and a good time.

4:00 PM - Let's Play Tales of Xillia 2!

Join Eric and Nikki as they traverse the world of Tales of Xillia 2! Laughter, tears, frustration, watch them go through it all!

6:00 PM - The Sounds of Tales

Discussing the sounds of the tales of franchise and how music can make or break a scene.

7:00 PM - Stream Close/Tales of Movie Night 

We say goodnight on Twitch and meet everyone over on Discord for the return of Tales of Movie Night.


9:55 AM - Stream Open

A brief hello before the first panel!

10:00 AM - Tales of Cosplay Showcase

A panel to showcase various cosplay and cosplay skits and videos submitted by Tales of Cosplayers.

11:00 AM - Tales of Arise Speculation Featuring Aselia Con

For the first time ever, Maple Gel Con and Aselia Con will be coming together as one to talk about all things Tales of Arise. 2 Cons. 1 Tales game. You won’t want to miss this.

12:30 PM - Tales of Quiplash 2 - ROUND THREE

If you've made it this far, hello! You know the drill.

1:30 PM - Let's Play Tales of Phantasia!

Join Leach as they take us through Tales of Phantasia. What can we expect from this classic Tales of game? If you've never played or seen Tales of Phantasia you won't want to miss this!

4:30 PM - BEYOND Cosplay is Not Consent

Our convention community has a real problem with harassment, but “Cosplay Is Not Consent” has not been fixing that OR the stalking, abuse, and assault that can occur. The Cosplayer Survivor Support Network (CSSN) would like to show you what’s really going on as a result of that phrase and offer solutions for today’s conventions and online experiences. #WeBelieveYou and your voice matters for safer, more enjoyable conventions for everyone, not just cosplayers!

5:30 PM - Tales of Draw Together

We're bringing our traditional Tales of Draw Together ONLINE! You saw a preview of the shenanigans on our Socials. But, what will happen when we bring in the ENTIRE GUILD?!

6:30 PM - Tales of Tabletop: The Ship That Never Returned

Come join a live tabletop stream featuring your fellow Guildmates playing as Tales of characters as they aid Captain Van Aifread! Will they save the crew of the Van Eltia from a horrific fate?

9:00 PM - Closing Ceremony

All good things must come to an end. We will have one last goodbye until we can come together again!

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