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Maple Gel Masquerade

Maple Gel Con-Line Masquerade 2022 will only be featuring Hall/Public contest. We are excited to run a pet division in our Hall Cosplay contest again this year as well! Please note that pets and their owners DO count as separate contestants. Submission deadline is July 22nd, 2022.

Hall/Public Rules

  • Tales cosplays ONLY.

  • 1 entry per person.

  • Winners will be announced during Closing Ceremonies.

  • United States and Canada contestants are the only contestants eligible to have awards mailed to them. If you are from another country you can pick up your award at the next in-person Maple Gel Con.

  • No OCs. All Tales cosplays must be from existing Tales media.

  • Group entries are allowed but only if everyone in the photo wants to enter as one unit. If you are apart of a group entry then you cannot post another photo into the competition.

  • Costumes can be self made, purchased, or commissioned. You do NOT have to make your costume for the Hall competition.

  • Photos do not need to be professional, but you MUST credit your photographers and any commissioners you had (if any).

  • You must submit your photo within the given time frame to be entered in the contest. No late entries allowed.

  • Voting will not start until after the photo submission deadline. Voting instructions will be posted after the submission deadline.

  • Each person will be allowed 3 votes per person. You cannot use all your votes on the same entry.

  • Harassment of any kind WILL NOT be tolerated. This contest is strictly for fun.

  • No character bashing. People are allowed to like problematic characters.

  • Anyone found harassing other contestants will be disqualified from any awards and their votes will be removed.

Hallway Contest Submission

Please click this link to submit your photos, without them we cannot get your cosplay votes.

Thanks for submitting!

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