Con-line Panels

We're hosting our panels on Twitch this year! Below you'll find the schedule with descriptions of each panel you can watch.  We encourage you to participate in the chat, but please keep in mind the Panelists may not get to your question right away.

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Panel Descriptions


7:00 PM - Opening Ceremony

Welcome to Maple Gel Con-Line 2! This is our second year online, and many of us have experienced an online convention at this point, but for those who haven't we will talk about what to expect, how the weekend will work, and where to find everything!

8:00 PM - Tales of the Abyss Fomicry Hour.

What are fonons exactly? And how does fomicry work? Come watch Nikki explain (to the best of her ability) replicas, the contamination effect, and what exactly went down in Keterberg when Jade and Dist were still sweet innocent boys.

9:00 PM - Gartic Phone

A fun game, guaranteed to be full of laughs! It’s broken telephone meets pictionary, and the results are always chaotic. The whole guild is invited to join the MGC staff playing the online game Gartic Phone.

11:00 PM - Stream Close

We sign off and say goodnight!


9:55 AM - Stream Open

A brief hello before the first panel!

10:00 AM - Getting Started in Tales Of

What makes the Tales Of series so great? What makes them worth investing 60+ hours of your life? What's the best game in the series to start with, and why is it Symphonia? Join Nikki and Eric as they discuss their introduction to the Tales of series, why Symphonia holds a special place in their hearts, and everything else they love about the series (And you will too!)

11:00 AM - Virtual Artist Alley Showcase

Showing a bit of love to our Virtual Artist Alley Artists by showing off their works! If you haven’t had a chance to browse their shops yet this is a must watch!

12:00 PM - Kresnik Cooking!

Join Ludger for his very own cooking show! Tune in to learn how to prepare and serve two recipes: Mabo Curry and Chocolate Parfait!

1:00 PM - The Tales Of Meme Hour

Join in and watch your beloved guild leaders react to some of the funniest Tales of memes the internet has to offer! What hilarious memes do you like to remember when you’re home along on a Friday night? Meme submissions are welcome in chat, so come prepared with your favourites! 

2:00 PM - Maple Gel D&D: Disturbance Below Celsius

Join us as our adventurers explore the icy terrain and investigate a force that is disturbing the Summon Spirit of Ice in her sanctuary.

6:00 PM - Tales of Phantasia: The Animation Livestream

Join us in the discord for a back-to-back screening of episodes 1-4 of Tales of Phantasia: The Animation.

7:30 PM - Tales of Phantasia Livestream

Continued from Leach’s Tales of Phantasia Livestream that began at Maple Gel Con-Line 2020, follow along with the adventures of Chaz, Marge, Klaurst and Magilou! (R.I.P. Cheeto)

10:30 PM - Phasmophobia Live Stream

Ever wanted to witness the guild leaders get scared out of their minds? We band together and make our attempt at being competent ghost hunters in Phasmophobia! Which one of us will scream first?

12:00 AM - Stream Close 

We say goodnight on Twitch and rest up for our final day of Conline!


9:55 AM - Stream Open

A brief hello before the first panel!

10:00 AM - Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition Livestream

One of the Guild’s favourites is also a game Eric has never played. Join him and Nikki on a blind run through everything Vesperia has to offer. It can’t go any worse than the Zesty run, right? At least Eric won’t almost kill a dog...we hope.

12:00 PM - Tales of Zestiria Discussion

This is the time to talk all things Tales of Zestiria! Guild members are invited to join a discord call if they would like to talk live on stream to really get the discussion going! Discussion will range from story and writing, world design, music, characters, development of the game, voice actors, story presentation, and any other topic the audience or guild would like to talk about!

1:30 PM - The MapleCast: Tales of Tropes

We’ve been teasing the idea of a Maple Gel Podcast for a while now. Our first episode of the MapleCast is finally going live DURING Conline II! The guild leaders will be discussing some of our favourite Tales Of tropes and how said tropes factor into the Tales Of experience. If you enjoy this episode don’t forget to join our Patreon for access to future episodes ;)

3:30 PM - Break

Go get a taco!

5:00 PM - Community Game: Tales of Draw Together

We're bringing our traditional Tales of Draw Together ONLINE! The whole guild is welcome to hop in and draw simultaneously, just like in person--only we all get to draw on the same canvas! Last year proved to be tons of fun, and as always, artists of all skill levels are welcome~

7:00 PM - Trivia Murder Party with Rappig Crossing

It’s a Tales Con crossover event! The guild leaders of Maple Gel Con are teaming up with the staff of our sister con Rappig Crossing to bring you some entertainment! We will be testing our knowledge in the Jack Box game Trivia Murder Party. Who will survive? Who will get every single question wrong? Tune in to find out.

8:00 PM - Tales of the Crypt

The Tales of Series is bright and cheerful until you take a minute to stop and think about it. Arte and Leach delve into the subtle horror elements within the series to reveal how twisted the themes can be.

9:00 PM - Closing Ceremony

All good things must come to an end. We will have one last goodbye until we can come together again!