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Con-line Panels

We're hosting our panels on Twitch this year! Below you'll find the schedule with descriptions of each panel you can watch.  We encourage you to participate in the chat, but please keep in mind the Panelists may not get to your question right away.

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Panel Descriptions



Opening Ceremonies

The grand opening of Maple Gel Con-line 3, with all your Guild Leaders! Come join Eric, Nikkiand Leach as they open the weekend and get the party started.

The Meme Hour!

Don’t spend this hour FOREVER ALONE! Say BYE, FELICIA to your boredom! Come along for an hour of laughing at ALL THE MEMES from Tales that we can find! Meme submissions are welcome in chat, so come prepared with your favourites!


Grab your needles and your wool, Guild. It’s time to ‘Go Felt Yourself’! In a first of its kind for Maple Gel Con-line, Nikki will be walking you through the art of needle-felting with a crafting demo. All you need is some needles, wool, a can-do attitude, and you’ll be ready to felt. Now felt off!

Tales of DND

A DND game hosted by Maple Gel's resident GM, Gin. Continuing our adventure from last year, Tales characters from various worlds and timelines come together to stop mysterious organizations with familiar faces from taking the power of the Summon Spirits

Tales of Symphonia OVA: Sylvarant Arc Marathon

Everyone ready for a movie night? Grab some popcorn, get a blanket and get ready because we’re diving into a marathon of Tales of Symphonia! Friday night is all about Sylvarant’s arc. Join Lloyd, Colette and all your faves as they journey through Sylvarant to save the world.




 AA Showcase

 It’s back! We’ll be taking you through the Virtual Artist Alley Artists and showing off the works of our amazing artists! If you haven’t had a chance to browse their shops yet this is a must watch! 


TKO with the Guild 

The Jackbox party is back this year! Come hang out, have some fun and play all the TKO you can with the Guild! 


Tales of Destiny Stream

 Come and join Leach as they plow through Tales of Destiny like Stahn plows through Kronos! 


Fashion Police 

Time to get fabulous! Join Arte and Eric as they dish hot takes, throw shade and give tens to some of the fashion throughout the Tales series! 


Tales of Bingo

 Blast across a virtual bingo card with Careko as you work to line up numbers and score some bingos!


 Crack Shipping 

Shipping in Tales can be a cracking good time! So let’s dedicate an hour to it! Follow along with Emily as she takes us through types of ships, randomly generate some new pairings and open the floor to share your faves! 


Tales of Vesperia Stream 

With Nikki by Eric’s side, there’s no way this Vesperia stream can crash and burn!…Unless it does. You should totally be there to laugh at it. 


Tales of Symphonia OVA: Tethe'alla Arc Marathon 

Go get some more butter, stock up on your soda and get comfy! It’s Tethe’alla time! The party is in a whole new world, with whole new challenges. Let’s watch along and see what happens!



 Kresnik Cooking 2 

Welcome back to Kresnik Cooking with Ludger Will Kresnik! 

Tune in for another live cooking show as we show you how to make delicious fluffy pancakes, decorated with the face of Tales of's newest (and one of it's cutest) mascots!


Ciao, Crestoria!

Goodbyes are hard, but they’re made easier in the company of good friends. Join the Guild Leaders and our friends from Rappig Crossing as we say goodbye to Kanata, Vicious and everything to do with Tales of Crestoria! Bring your tissue box! You might need it. 


DLC Design Panel 

DLC Design Showcase is all about leaning into our love of costumes by showing off our own designs! Submit designs in the form of artistic renditions, collages of clothing items, mood board, cosplay photo, an elevator pitch in writing; whatever format that you can put into a picture or short writeup to be displayed in a slide! 


Tales of Draw Together

 This classic Maple Gel staple returns once more in its Con-line form! 


Tales of Symphonia OVA: United World Arc Marathon

 Time to microwave that last bag of popcorn while we fire up that last Symphonia arc to close out Maple Gel Con-line 3. Let’s see how this story ends together and close this virtual con out with a bang!

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